The Department of Homeland Security has warned police agencies of drones being used as weapons after two drone sightings at NYC airports on Friday, reports said. The intelligence bulletin sent Friday fails to identity a specific security threat, but expressed caution at the increasing drone operation by recreation and commercial users. It follows reports of a drone buzzing a Delta MD-88 from Orlando landing at JFK Airport.



A pilot aboard Delta Flight 407 said he saw a drone flying about 100 feet from the right side of the aircraft during its 5 p.m. landing on Friday, WABC-TV reported. Traffic controllers warned the next round of incoming flights of the drone sighting and called in a police helicopter to track down the drone and its owner, the TV station added. Another drone sighting was reported Friday when crew members aboard a Jet Blue flight from Haiti said they saw one of the tiny aircraft at about 2:30 p.m.,according to WCBS-TV.

Although these occurrences do not necessarily imply malicious intent, I think the DHS is forecasting potential future threats via the use of this technology, if operated by individuals with the wrong intentions. If the devices are this powerful, and can obviously be purchased by the average consumer, then what is stopping them from being modified in a way so that they can cause damage to flights and endanger the lives of those on-board? I think the whole concept of drones is really a new idea to most. The legalities of the devices, such as with the exploration of space, has not truly been tested and “hashed” out. Questions remain to be answered and I hope in the meantime we are still able to protect ourselves from these devices being used to cause harm to others. I have to admit…they are fun to fly!