“He wanted to protect and serve,” said his sister Ashanti Sharps. “The last time I talked to him, he was happy because he was going to apply for that police position.” Adrian Kinard, a security officer in Capitol Heights, Md. with Code 3 Security and Protection Services was fatally shot while protecting an apartment complex yesterday morning before he could live out his aspiration of becoming a police officer. The shooting left a second security guard wounded. The incident began about 1 a.m. at Central Gardens Apartments, police and neighbors said. After the gunfire, police and residents said, a black Dodge Charger sped from the parking lot.

Lt. Jarriel Jordan, a spokesman for Prince George’s County police, said the security guards were taking care of paperwork in their cars on Cindy Lane, off Central Avenue, when they were shot. Both were taken to the hospital, where Kinard, 26, was later pronounced dead. The other guard’s injury, a wound to his lower body, was not life-threatening, police said. What this demonstrates are the dangers of working private security. Uniforms of security officers are becoming increasingly more para-militaristic looking which may cause security officers to be mistaken for police, and thus, targeted as such. Although it should be mentioned a motive has not yet been officially declared, I do feel this could have been a contributing factor considering the neighborhood and time of day in which the incident occurred.

I feel security officers are often paid too little for the sacrifice they can be required to make. Most of the time the work is routine, simple, and mundane and this may be why the pay for the industry is so low. However, it is the ‘2%’ of the time that really resembles the true risk of the job.