Today at an event in San Francisco Nest Labs (owned by Google) announced the Nest Cam. It’s basically a Dropcam Pro. It’s a $199 round, black camera that sits on a stand. It’s a little thinner, and has a smaller and more mobile stand, but it looks remarkably familiar. It records 1080p video (the biggest upgrade from the 720p Dropcam) with a 130-degree field of view, and has infrared night vision.

There’s a microphone built in so you can hear and be heard in your home. It will also alert you via an app if there is unexpected motion and/or sound in your home. Dropcam’s back-end service for watching and storing your camera’s video is being replaced by Nest Aware, a new paid service that lets you see what’s been going on in your house. You can save up to 30 days of video, and quickly save or share clips. The app can also algorithmically figure out which clips you’ll want to see, and show those first—it’s basically what you would expect from the combination of Dropcam and Google. It’ll start at $10 a month for your first camera.

I think this is a great nifty device for someone looking for added home monitoring oversight, but does not want to empty their pocketbook in the process.